Recent minor changes (promotions, moneybags, Old-Man Willow, trophy)

Date:Sun May 31 19:25:24 2015
1. We congratulate Orlanth on his promotion to Mw, Maia (Wright),
   and Imago on his promotion to Ms, Maia (Shaper).

2. Messages related to putting money in and out of a moneybag will now
   correctly highlight the numerical values (reported by Nimrîel, fixed by

3. Some forms of long-distance communication (such as tell) are now possible from
   inside Old-Man Willow (Waba).

4. Concussion weapons hitting a weak spot (NEWS 2479) of a metal armour could do
   more damage than the same hit on bare skin. It is now capped to the damage on
   bare skin (Waba).

5. NEWS 2477 lowered the trophy% gain in PK as a side-effect of the XP gain
   reduction. It will now be 1% again for solo kills (and so on for group

   This also fixes the ancient bug of just-starting enemies (ie. with no XP)
   showing as '1, 1%' in your trophy even though you only passed them and they
   died on their own (Waba).