Tracks, blood trails and pursue

Date:Sat Oct 31 10:04:38 2015
Tracking has undergone several changes. Among them:

- The quality of tracks is now visible to the tracker. The quality is displayed
  as a descending scale: apparent, plain, clear, faint, and vague. The quality
  of the track is decided by a number of factors such as weight, terrain, and
  snow/water on the ground.

- We fixed a bug where the weight from carried equipment and the weight of a
  rider were not included in the calculation of track quality.

- Bleeding targets will leave clearer tracks. The more untreated wounds, the
  easier they will be to spot.

- Slowtracking speed is now slightly modified by track skill over 100% and by
  the visibility of the tracks.

- The PURSUE command has been added to the game. See HELP PURSUE.

- The deteriorating effects of heavy snowing have been lessened somewhat.