Easier returns to MUME with retroactive retirements

Date:Sun Jul 24 09:58:21 2016
Characters who have been inactive for a year will be automatically and
retroactively retired. In other words, we'll pretend that they anticipated
their time away from MUME and properly retired instead of renting.

This will give returning players the benefits of retirement (reroll, agereset)
to jump back into the game, instead of an enormous rentcost and a desperate
need for a FoY group.

The players will be charged:
- 1 year of rent if they were properly rented.
- Free rent if they had only very minimal equipment (like pants and a torch),
  even if they did not rent properly.

Characters who cannot afford that rent or who are not in one of these
situations (eg. they zapped link with actual equipment) will not be
considered for retroactive retirement.