For the Adventurers of the West

Date:Fri Aug 12 22:54:35 2016
Arda's Citizen Mercenary guild has recently issued a notice that they are
expanding their business. Citizen mercenaries across Arda have decided that
after some time they will forgive those who betrayed them. Rumours have told
that some mercenaries have been charging more from employers who are known to
be unreliable.
[Imago, Rogon, Orlanth]

After years of trying to interest players in her mirror, Galadriel is said to
have grown weary of being ignored. In an uncharacteristic outburst, she let it
be known that those who feel drawn to the magic of the mirror will have to
approach her on the matter.
[Imago, Rogon]

Possibly due to his old age, it is reported that Nordri has started to forget
those who failed his trust and did not complete his quest.