"Recent" minor changes (Arfang's promotion, Filatior, ?, account colours, LH areas)

Date:Sun Dec 3 18:09:12 2017
1. Arfang has joined the ranks of the Valar!

2. Filatior in the Grey Havens is asking young adventurers for help with
   cleansing the evil which inhabits an old grave nearby (Arcane, Timodeus,
   Naga, and Rogon).

3. You can now use "?" for the "help" command, for example "?" or "?month". See
   "help help" or "?help" for more info (Dáin).

4. When you list players in your account (using the "account" command), the
   currently played character will now be coloured in the "hit" colour; while
   any expired rent will be coloured in the "damage" colour (Dáin).

5. As the streets of Fornost are starting to overflow with visitors that tend
   to overstay their welcome, the Commandant of Fornost has given the all-clear
   to re-open the tower in Arnor Park, hoping to cram as many people as he can
   in there. Not to be outdone, Elrond has opened more of their valley to the
   citizens of Rivendell, enabling his kin to inhabit some of the local
   treehouses. (Naga)