Game Hints, a Beorning Home, Achievement Fixes, and Reboot Times

Date:Sun Mar 4 20:27:56 2018
* We have expanded the "hints" system to display contextual hints, see
  "help hints".

  Currently there is tailored advice about being hungry/thirsty, exhausted,
  wounded, and poisoned.

  Feel free to "change hints on" and provide feedback! (Waba, Rogon)

* The village of Ingrove has offered one of their greatest warriors, Faine the
  Beorning, a space which she can call her own. At times, loud growls have
  been known to be heard from the small cavern. And when a group of Beorning
  youths tried to prove their mettle by entering, Faine's personal valet
  easily settled them down.

  (Congratulations to Faine for being a level 100 Bear!)

* When visited, Narv will now update player's achievements if they had finished
  his quest but did not have the achievement. (Arfang)

* Players who defeat the wolves that disturb the Shire during the winter will
  now receive the achievement even if they are already citizens. (Imago)

* The "time" command will now show more accurate time for when the next
  scheduled reboot is about to happen. (Dáin)