Bloodwight and Snares Bugfixes, Incapacitation, Herb, Achievements, and Automatic Encoding

Date:Sun Jul 8 14:25:16 2018
* The bloodwight will now be more cautious when pursuing intruders outside its
  lair, amongst other things. (Arfang, Waba)

* In addition to NEWS 2553, we removed two obscure and unintended ways to
  escape snares (pElestir reported one of them, Waba fixed the bugs).

* You should no longer be stuck in endless incapacitated state. There is now a
  hard cap that makes you start bleeding after a few RL minutes. (Dáin)

* In an effort to keep the old elven trade routes alive, Cirdan recently sent
  out merchants carrying exotic spices and herbs. This initiative did not go
  unnoticed by some less than trustworthy individuals, as not a single merchant
  managed to arrive unscathed. Cirdan has thus concluded that the eastern route
  will remain closed until the brigand menace is brought under control.

  OOC: A herb that previously could only be found in shops in the Grey Havens
  can now be found elsewhere. (Rogon)

* When visited, Narv will now update player's achievements if they had finished
  his quest but did not have the achievement. (Arfang)

* Players who defeat the wolves that disturb the Shire during the winter will
  now receive the achievement even if they are already citizens. (Imago)

* For anyone writing clients out there, MUME now supports the Telnet Charset
  option (RFC 2066). See also "help mpi" for updated documentation of MUME's
  Telnet option support. (Dáin)