Welcome to Edoras! - April's Fool

Date:Mon Apr 1 21:08:40 2019
Needless to say, King Folca's invitation was our traditional April's Fool
joke. Players could indeed board a coach in Tharbad and travel through
the yet-to-be-opened areas between Isengard and Edoras. Things would then
become "interesting" as the coach was surrounded by cavalry units... from
the real world and from other fantasy worlds. A "multiverse portal error"
would then occur, and the coach would be transported back to Tharbad.

In addition, some well-known Hobbits took inspiration from the ongoing
political events in the UK and decided to "regain sovereignty" on the
Shire, freeing it from the influence of Elves and Dunedain. The discussion
is available on the General board.