more corpse commands... *stare*

Date:Fri May 24 16:38:18 1996

Command 'burn corpse'

You can set fire to a corpse or corpses using this command. The corpses
will be destroyed in the process, and the equipment they contain is lost.
You only have to do this once if there are many corpses in the room, all
will be piled together before you start the bonfire...

During the fire (which will last about 1 mume hour per corpse) the room will
be lit.. (not warm yet, but will be soon someday).

When you set fire, a message is seen in the adjacent rooms, like when a
campfire is made.

As with the other commands, corpses with shadows are unaffected.


Command 'polish skull'

You can polish a spiked skull to make sure it is still gleaming.

I AM JOKING with the last command :) This isn't Predator-mud... (yet). You
cannot polish skulls... but it sure made you drool!