Update on Embedding and Staves

Date:Mon Apr 22 14:49:03 2019
After numerous splintered staves, shattered jewels, and countless hours of
hard work, the jewellers of Arda are ready to put their recent discoveries
into practice.

Through trial and error, a number of new possibilities for enhancing a magical
staff has been discovered. Some combinations of power, however, will
dangerously threaten the integrity of a staff, and the jewellers have agreed to
limit their work to what's reasonably safe.

There are seven more gems that can be embedded. Some gems (old and new) are
considered MAJOR gems, and a staff can only hold a limited number of these.
Some gems will turn a staff into a usable items, and a staff can only hold one
of these.

Some of these gems are old, some are new. Some load in places that already
existed, and some in new places.

For a limited time, the same shopkeepers who will embed items into a staff, can
remove everything embedded. This is done with the dismantle command and it
costs 10 gold. Note that this command is only available for a limited time of
at most a couple of RL months. If you are experimenting, you are recommended to
dismantle your staff before renting. If you have rented/retired characters with
staves, you'll have to log them on to dismantle it while the command is

Design: Rogon
Mudlle: Arfang, Imago
Reviews: Waba, Fror
Misc help: Antti, Jahara