Recent(ish) minor changes and fixes (magic noise/teleport, mounts keywords, whetstones, and more)

Date:Fri Apr 26 20:21:34 2019
1. You will now (as of the next reboot) also leave magic noise (as seen by
   'detect magic') in the "source" room if you teleport or similar (Dain).

2. We've removed the "animal" keyword from all mobiles that are rideable mounts
  (this was inconsistent before). This primarily affects brown wolves and
  different ponies (Dain).

3. When examined, whetstones will now show you how worn-out they are.

   Idea:  Rogon/Imago,   Supervising:  Rogon
   Mudlle:  Imago,       Descriptions:  Almarian

4. Halamor behaves like any normal magic user. He has to concentrate to cast
   a spell and cannot just shoot spells. However as any magic user he is
   capable of using the store spell (Arfang).

5. We fixed a bug where the Master Assassin and his associates would hold a
   grudge beyond the grave (Arfang).

6. We fixed a bug where spiders can ensnare player multiple time and also
   prevent leaving after all webs decayed (Arfang).

7. We fixed a bug which caused Ecthelion to have full hands and be unable
   to work with objects for the Elven bag quest (Arfang).