Recent Minor Changes & Fixes (Black Hills Rent, Ferries, Name Changes, Jewelled Rings)

Date:Thu Jul 4 21:04:05 2019
1. The innkeeper of Black Hill has been talked into offering cheaper rent
   to the young adventurers that offer their services in the village. (Waba)

2. We fixed bug which caused that gates, ships, ferries were leaving one game
   hour sooner to what they should be. (Arfang)

3. We now allow minor namechanges past legend level, once per character.

4. From now on, we will record namechanges in HELP RECENT NAMECHANGES. (Waba)

5. We updated the look on jewelled rings to make it easier to distinguish them
   from one another. All the old keywords are still there, so all your aliases
   should work fine. A couple of new keywords were added. (Rogon, Imago, Mint)