Recent Minor Changes (Editing Board Posts, Style Items, Young Rangers)

Date:Sun Aug 18 20:56:01 2019
1. You can now change a board post after you wrote it using the "edit" command.
   See "help board" for more information.

2. We have introduced new rings, bracelets, and necklaces. These items can
   appear both in different materials, and be embedded with different gems.

   Note that these items are only for those who wish to dress in style, and
   do not provide any other advantages.

   Idea/Design/Writing: Naga
   Code: Arfang
   Review: Waba

3. A young ranger, who recently came of age, has been inspired to take up a new
   route between the Grey Havens and the Tower Hills. He can be found making
   rounds between the East Gate of Harlond and the entrance to Black Hill
   Village. He asks all to spread the news that young adventurers are needed in
   the Tower Hills!

   Design & Mudlle: Jahara