Recent Minor Changes (messages, objects, promotions, fletching, and more)

Date:Wed Dec 11 00:43:21 2019
We would like to congratulate the following Ainur on their promotions:
  Jahara to Vala Muddler
  Almarian to Maia Shaper
  Orlanth to Maia Shaper
  Elemir to Maia Builder

1. You will now (if things work as intended) get a message when points decay off
   skills. (Dain)

2. The "follow" and "sneak" commands will no longer be delayed if you are
   hidden. (Dain)

3. Some spell-casting objects that you can "use" on a target (e.g., the
   obsidian eye) will no longer accept incompatible targets (e.g., attempting
   to blind an object). (Dain)

4. Some minor map inconsistencies between the Shire and the Blue Mountains
   have been fixed. Thanks to Jahara for the recommendations. (Fror)

5. The sun, moon, and star dipping pools are now easier to find in Valinor.

6. Narag, master scout of the Zaugurz, has grudgingly agreed to take up an old
   specialty of his. He will once more craft arrows for the tribe.

   However, since he is commanded to remain in the caves to teach the scout
   craft it will be up to other members of the Zaugurz tribe to bring him
   whatever materials he require.
       Coding.... Imago
       Writing... Azan, Rogon