Recent changes (shops, mounts, Dark Tower, summon & transfer)

Date:Mon May 18 19:05:09 2020
Recent changes:

  • Kormock and the old tailor of Fornost now give refunds to those who overpaid. (Jahara)
  • Players who unvoid or unrent into those special rooms that force the player out will find their mounts have magically been moved to their destination.

    Mudlle: Imago
    Idea: Fenuln
  • The watchtower in the Dark Tower (DT), has been reworked. It suffered from several inconsistencies and should now hopefully provide more accurate information to an observer. (Orlanth)
  • The summon and transfer spells have been updated so they don't reveal any information about the potential target until you've cast the spell.

    This means that you will still cast the spell even if your intended target isn't alive, or if you typoed their name. (Dáin)