Recent changes (account import, gate guards, etc.)

Date:Sun May 24 11:28:00 2020
  • There's a new account import command that lets you copy certain settings from your other characters:
      > account import <player> aliases|colours|eqorder|all

    For example:

      > account import gandalf colours

    would copy Gandalf's colour settings to your current player (assuming Gandalf is in your account).

    Warning: your current settings will overwritten!

    Thanks Fingolnor for the idea.

  • Two new colours you can change using change colour have been added: code and emphasis.

    code is used for code or commands in help texts and such (similar to what you might use <code> for in HTML).

    emphasis is used to emphasize text… in help texts and such.

    Before, header and status was typically used for these purposes.

  • Changes to gate guards (Jahara):
    • Gate guards always refuse to open and close gates if the caller is an opponent.
    • Gate guards will never leak hidden doornames to unseen opponents.
    • Gate guards will remember who attacked them and refuse them reentry as opposed to waiting for them to enter and then attacking them.
  • Eriadorians will pay a slightly cheaper rent in Bree from now on (Jahara).