Recent changes (Rivendell priest, Saddlebags, Warrens Tower, Sauron's Darkness, Anduin River near Lórien, Sentimental Herders, Brown wolves, Mining, Fungi)

Date:Fri Jul 10 17:50:59 2020
  1. The venerable elven priest in Rivendell recently paid a visit to his fellow guildmaster in Harlond and will now teach a couple of simple spells that were missing from his repertoire. (Frór)
  2. Saddlebags will not load anymore where they were previously found because they have been replaced by give <item> <mount> and unsaddle <mount> all.
  3. Fixed a bug preventing Dúnadan soldiers within the Warrens Tower from opening the gate.
  4. Sauron's Darkness will now disappear completely between times of activity; cf. map global darkness. There's no change in how far the Darkness will reach while active. (Dáin)
  5. A tributary of the Anduin River near eastern Lothlórien is now fast flowing. (Auge)
  6. Goatherders, shepherds, and farmers will now act a bit more sentimental when their animals are attacked. Thanks to Resbursy for the idea! (Arcane)
  7. Brown wolves will not howl anymore if they are ridden.
  8. Mining messages have been enhanced. (Ryalnos)
  9. Fungi have lost their leaves and branches and gained fungus body parts. (Imago)