Recent Changes (Bash, Spells, Ecthelion, Kits, Sage, Milking, Bandits)

Date:Wed Jan 27 04:04:42 2021
  • Beorn, ents, scaly beast, and other mobiles are now unable to stack their custom bashes with the standard warrior bash.
  • Spells that cause damage now display their essences in the help files.
  • Ecthelion now accepts the star charm as proof of fighting against evil.
  • Newcomer kits are now automatically worn when they are received.
  • An evergreen shrub is now consistent with other shrubs. Thanks to Allium for reporting this. (Frór)
  • Milking is now an achievement and the more you milk the better you get.
  • Sheep are now milkable.
  • Various assassins, bandits, smugglers, and thugs have received a rework to be more lore friendly. (Ryalnos)