The Unseen Servants of the Necromancer

Date:Tue May 18 17:46:19 2021
There is a Shadow in the east that lures evil things toward it with promises of power and knowledge. These terrible servants now gather before the fortress of Dol Guldur, competing to curry favor and rise within the Necromancer's ranks and gain access to his gifts.

And yet, these gifts are not given away freely, for the cost of such knowledge requires succumbing to the Dark Lord's will; an act that breaks those of frail mind and strains those of intellect. Nor are such gifts easily handled, for solely the Black Númenóreans have shown the strength of will to master this dark oath and wrap themselves in the Dark Lord's power to walk amongst their enemies unseen.


Ideas: Almarian, Elemir, Orlanth
Design: Pilois, Rogon, Jahara
Testing: Elemir, Pilois, Orlanth
Code: Jahara
Reviews: Frór, Waba, Dáin, Imago