Recent changes (word wrap, smoking, snow shoes, Beorn, recover, GMCP, prompts)

Date:Sat Sep 25 17:44:06 2021
  • Word wrap (line breaks for long messages) is no longer automatically disabled in XML mode. You can disable it using change wordwrap.
  • The effects of smoking certain herbs now shows up in your special conditions. (Jahara)
  • Wearing snowshoes will now allow easier passage through the Redhorn Pass. Thanks to Switch for noticing this discrepancy. (Jahara)
  • Beorn's huge black bear fur has been tweaked to be more useful. (Jahara)
  • The recover command will now work if you are wearing multiple quivers.
  • MUME now has (initial) support for the GMCP protocol. See help gmcp. (Jahara, Imago)
  • New prompt fields were added to make them align with GMCP.