Recent Changes (Communication, Interviews, Dispel, Mudlet, Promotion)

Date:Thu Nov 25 16:46:34 2021
  • narrate, song, and tell group have been tweaked to become more competitive against virtual labbing alternatives while still encouraging public channels.
  • narrate and song don't cost movement points anymore.
  • tell group isn't delayed anymore, but it now costs movement points.
  • Morbeth is now the common tongue for Black Númenórean allies.
  • Any orc of the Uruk-Tarkhnarb tribe is now able to achieve Morbeth fluency.
  • A series of MUME interviews have been made available on our website at (Antti)
  • We congratulate Pilois on his promotion to Ms.
  • Casting dispel magic and magic blast will now attempt to dispel more magical affects. (Dáin)
  • Masters of the magical arts are now able to dispel enchants from arrows.
  • MUME is now officially listed in Mudlet and provides a basic UI and map for newcomers.