Recent changes (Harle, linkless, GMCP, underlines, etc.)

Date:Mon Dec 13 14:58:37 2021
  • Harle will now assist slower and is less kind to those that blind or charm him. (Jahara)
  • We congratulate Silvos on his promotion to Mw.
  • Metamorphs will now show up like bears to the Free People: -a White Eagle- (Jahara)
  • Allied players who are not compatible (-Troll-, -Orc-, -Bear-, etc.) with each other can now see (Idle) or (Linkless) next to their allies' names. (Jahara)
  • MUME now supports the GMCP Room.Chars module. See help gmcp.
  • If your terminal supports it (which is rare), you can now set colour and style of underlines. The following specifies curly red underlines:

      > change colour header red ul:curly

    See help change colour for more information.

    Thanks Lonewülf for the idea.