Recent Changes (Birthday Stats, Promotions, GMCP, Quests)

Date:Thu Jan 20 16:48:03 2022
  • We would like to thank everyone (over 175+ different accounts!) that logged to celebrate MUME's 30th birthday. Over 100 player kills were recorded, 500 war points distributed, and 100 plus players were seen on who during the event.
  • We congratulate Aloonion and Katje on their promotion to Mb.
  • MUME now supports the GMCP Comm.Channel module. See help gmcp. (Dáin)
  • The book of Kormanolë, Mystical Ring, Libram of Curaen, and Black Dagger Guild adventures now have a quest and achievement entry.
  • Fetching dye for an ancient weaver does not have a time limit anymore.