Recent changes (GMCP, Achievements, Casserole, Consider, Charm)

Date:Sun Jan 30 04:12:36 2022
  • The GMCP Room.UpdateExits message was added to update information as exits change state. See help gmcp for more information. (Dáin)
  • The achievements command can now filter its output based on its arguments; e.g., achievements spell. Thanks Baca for the idea. (Dáin)
  • Cooking vegetarian or vegan meals with the casserole now works as expected. Thanks to Cuantar for catching the inconsistency.
  • Using consider and compare on armours, shields, and boots now shows more information. This was Aloonion's first mudlle after being promoted to Mw the day before. (Aloonion)
  • As of next reboot, the magic that protects Rivendell will behave more like Lothlórien in guarding against unwelcome charmed followers.