Recent changes (Herblores, poisons, guilds and shops)

Date:Fri Jul 1 19:19:08 2022
  • The number of avaiable herblores to mix is now more accessible. (Jahara)
  • You can now type mix <herblore> if you have an empty herbal kit. (Jahara)
  • Poisons and diseases will now do a better job of healing when you are rented.
  • Recovering from the plague will actually make you immune for a while (fixing a bug from Sep 1995)
  • Adventures will note that many (not all) guilds across Arda that once limited their time have expanded their operating hours. (Imago)
  • Shops in major towns across Arda have expanded their operating hours. (Imago)

    Please report any conflicts (quests, interactions, etc) that may pop up to the bug board. :)