Recent Changes (Reborn, Elvish, Disengage, Mounts, GMCP)

Date:Wed Sep 14 23:24:30 2022
  • Trolls that are reborn will now also forget their quest progress.
  • Adventurers completing quests in Elven lands will find that their language knowledge will sometimes improve.
  • Fixed disengage to correctly calculate the number of foes.
  • Using examine, you can now always see what your (led or ridden) mount is carrying in its inventory. (Thanks Thúrláf for the idea.) (Dáin)
  • The level-based bonus for being able to see what someone else is carrying in their inventory has been reduced for high level players. (Dáin)
  • Some changes were made to GMCP messages: (Dáin)
    • The next-level-tp and next-level-xp fields were added to the Char.StatusVars messages.
    • A number of fields were added to the Core.Vitals messages that are available in the game prompt: climb, fog, light, ridden, ride, sneak, swim, and weather. (Thanks Rarborg for the idea.)
    • Yells are now supported by Comm.Channel. (Thanks Rarborg for the idea.)
    See help gmcp for more information.