New Subrace Features for Tarkhnarb Orcs

Date:Fri Oct 21 15:51:38 2022
Today, we introduce several features for Tarkhnarb Orc players.

  • Tarkhnarb Orcs mix Orkish herblores with an increased proficiency equal to three herbal kit upgrades.
  • Tarkhnarb Orcs are tunnel born and have a natural affinity to climbing in caves, tunnels, and other familiar terrain.
  • When a Tarkhnarb Orc forms a link to the wraith-world through raise dead, it increases their mana regeneration and sharpens their awareness. The effect is slightly different for shadows and wargs.
  • Tarkhnarb Orcs' desire for bloodshed rises when encountering the forces of the West.
Coding: Jahara
Testing: Aloonion, Pilois