Recent Changes (Who, Quit, Spears, Promotions, Maps)

Date:Sat Oct 29 16:11:29 2022
  • Players who have dominantly learned skills in a certain class will show up in who <class> unless they are incognito "who".
  • In an effort to retain newcomers, quit will no longer drop any equipment to the floor and instead make them go linkless. See help quit for more details.
  • The mechanics of spear counterattacks have been tweaked to use weapon length. We are still monitoring and fine-tuning spear popularity so expect more changes in the future.
  • We congratulate Aloonion and Dawnborn on their promotions of Ms and Mw respectively.
  • All city maps have been updated to have compound keywords. For example: blue-mountains-map, shire-map, lorien-map. (Imago)