Recent changes (instant commands and object colors)

Date:Sun Jan 1 20:48:00 2023
(As of the next reboot.)

  • The commands alias, change, info, label, sneak, and stat may now be executed on the same game heartbeat as other commands (up to four instant commands followed by any command).

    For example sneak on followed by east can now run in one heartbeat. (Jahara)

    One quirk that may show up is that change mood <new mood> followed by stat will show OB etc. using the old mood, but it will say Mood: <new mood>.

  • You can now use change colour object <something> to add color to object names. The default is no color.

    There is also an <object> XML tag; see help xml.

    It is not unlikely this caused several bugs in how objects show up. Please report them as you find them :)