Recent changes (evil Free People, ARB camp, hold, UPPERCASE)

Date:Sat Jan 14 13:27:03 2023
  • Many strongholds and peoples across Arda have become less forgiving to any Free People that have turned to evil. (Jahara)
  • Rumours tell that Dúnedain have built a watchtower in their camp on the side of the Ancient Broken Road. (Jahara)
  • The hold command will now prefer to hold items in the not-wield (i.e., shield or hold) position.

    For example, hold staff will now use it as a shield. Use wield otherwise.

    Thanks Wench for the idea.

  • If you wield something while holding something in your "wield hand", you will automatically move that item to your "shield" hand if possible. This is useful if you are holding a torch while trying to wield your sword.

    This does not happen if you are wielding something two-handed that can be held one-handed (like a staff).

  • If you are a fan of UPPERCASE LETTERS, there is now an uppercase flag that you can enable using change color.

      > change color enemy uppercase red

    For fun/masochism you can try change color normal uppercase (use ... normal none) to go back to normal.

    "Thanks" Belsnickel for the idea.

    (It will not work correctly together with XML mode until the next reboot.)