Notice to Fornost Citizens

Author:the Commandant
Date:Sat Apr 1 00:00:00 2023
After a steep decline in its investments in the pipeweed sector, the Bank
of Arnor has run out of capital. To stave off an Arda-wide bank run, the
Elves of the Grey Havens have graciously agreed to bail out the BoA.
However, in order to recoup their investment, they have demanded steep
austerity measures.

Therefore, I regret to inform you that from now on, until the Elves are
repaid in full, citizens of Fornost will be subject to a number of new taxes
such as a water tax for use of the well, a mince-pie tax, and a surcharge
for loitering at the inn.

Tax collectors will soon be dispatched to collect the monies due.

Should you wish to make additional contributions towards my villa on Lake
Evendim... er, sorry, towards early repayment of the debt, you can find
me in my office.

the Commandant of Fornost (and BoA chairman)