Jobs Program in Tharbad

Date:Sat Apr 1 00:00:00 2023
After hearing rumours about an upcoming increase in the retirement age, the Mayor of Bree has decided to be a leader in job creation by providing gainful employment for any who wish it. Applicants will be sent on a peacekeeping mission to the city of Tharbad, where they are instructed to clean out all the riff-raff plaguing the city.

By entering into the program, applicants agree to hold harmless the city of Bree, the Mayor, the coachman, and all other associated parties. Applicant further agrees to release any and all claims related to, but not limited to, loss of limb, property, life, sanity, and/or consortium. Neither Bree nor its Mayor make any pledges, promises, assurances, guarantees, oaths, bonds, covenants, or compacts regarding the safe return of the applicant.

OOC: Battle Coach has returned. Take a level 1 character to the Sign at the Prancing Pony to join in the fun.