Recent changes (Fortress, Gandalf, Consider, Sheathes)

Date:Mon Jun 5 01:10:20 2023
  • The Fortress Conquerors' Hall of Fame is now available to view conquerors
  • The denizens of fortresses will now pay homage to the heroes who helped in the fortress' conquering.
  • Gandalf has become much better at saving newcomers in the Tower Hills. OOC: The Free People tutorial has been significantly improved with feedback from the community!
  • The algorithm for consider has been changed to compare your level with that character's level, your ability to attack through their defense, and their ability to attack through your defense.
  • The messages for consider have been made more politically correct. Thanks to Calimehtar for pushing to have this changed.
  • Sheaths now show their contents, similar to keyrings.