Recent changes (Promotion, Shire, Explorers, Fortress)

Date:Sun Jun 18 02:32:50 2023
  • We congratulate Lamia upon being promoted to Maia (builder).
  • The Mayor of the Shire now has a quest for the Shire wolfpack.
  • The Explorers Hall of Fame is now available to view explorers
  • A new Lieutenant is now leading the Beorning faction in the Vale Tower.
  • The strength of the Vale Tower garrisons has been adjusted to better match across the factions.
  • The mighty Zaugurz have started garrisoning more fortresses for the glory of the Tribe.
  • The Marchwardens of Lothlórien now garrison fortresses under their careful watch.
  • The Lórien Outpost on the bank of the River Anduin is now a
    fortress, and the faction that holds it gains strategic access to the ferry.