Recent changes (Promotion, Mobs, FoY, who, Skills, Backfire)

Date:Fri Aug 4 21:48:15 2023
  • We congratulate Gamór upon his promotion to Maia (builder).
  • A handful of mobiles have had their descriptions or keywords updated to use venomous instead of poisonous where applicable. (Imago)
  • Players who sip from the fabled Fountain of Youth will always return to the fountain. (Imago)
  • Conquerors, explorers, and warlords on who will now have badges indicating <C>, <E>, and <W> respectively.
  • train all is no longer necessary, as skills will now only decay if you train off <skill>
  • Fixed a bug where Black Númenóreans could still backfire spells under Sauron's darkness.