MUME Questionnaire 2023

Date:Tue Nov 7 23:36:35 2023
One or two MUs* after the last one, we are sharing a new questionnaire titled MUME players 2023

This has been a community-led effort (see credits), but with Arata review.

The questionnaire is for new and old MUME players. To help with result analysis and questionnaire design, as well as enabling us to produce the questionnaire, we have used Google Forms on this occasion, instead of the in-game questionnaire some of you will recall. It is anonymous. If you have taken the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology, please prepare the results or take the test beforehand (optional, link provided when you click through).

Link to the Questionnaire:

Shortened URL:

Thank you for supporting MUME by completing this!

The questionnaire will close after the desired number of people have responded. Summary results will be shared with the community and the management.


Design and implementation: Freyja and Finwë, based on the last design by Manwë (we assume)
Additional questions: Finwë and Freyja
Testing and reviews: Baca/Endo, Relim, Jahara, Lamia, and others
Keeping us motivated: Baca/Endo and Freyja(! Finwë writing this), and others
Starting the thread on Discord: Relim
Suggestions/ideas: Baca/Endo, Jahara, and others

Mailing List

And if you'd like to join the mailing list for MUME-related news and announcements, join here:
or email Finwë (email address in whois finwe) if you don't have a Google account.

* Manwë Units