Virtual Labbing Pilot Project

Date:Tue Apr 2 18:05:01 2024
In the over 30 years since MUME's release, there have been considerable advancements in the technology surrounding virtual labbing. This includes easily accessible voice-chat programs such as Discord and Skype, as well as MUME-specific solutions such as MMapper's Group Manager. We are running this pilot because we believe MUME's rules need to evolve with this advancement. We hope this will lead to a more enjoyable and fair game experience.

For the duration of the pilot, we are suspending those rules that prohibit sharing information with other players of the same side. This includes:

Rules Communications Channels' restrictions on same-side information sharing.
Rules Actions, and Rules Mappers to the extent they prohibit same-side information sharing.
Thus, players are permitted to use MMapper's Group Manager feature, or a voice-chat program such as Discord, with other players of the same side both in and out of PK without any other restrictions. For instance, for the duration of the pilot it will be legal to tell a same-side player you have been slept or killed, and where.

Importantly, it is still strictly illegal to share information with players on other sides of the war. This is true of both intentional sharing as well as negligent sharing (i.e. failing to monitor who is joining your group manager, discord, etc.). Restrictions against public streaming without a 30 minute delay also remain in place.

In addition, Rules Actions still prohibits actions in PK that ultimately send a a command back to the game (or auto-bind a key for that purpose). For instance, it would not be legal to use information that is sent from other players (such as health, player state, etc.) to auto-bind a key to heal or rescue a specific target.

More details can be found in RULES PILOT. If in doubt, functions that mirror MMapper's group manager or a voice chat program are legal as long as they are only used with other players of the same side of the war.

We plan for this pilot to last approximately 3 months. After that we will evaluate whether to continue with these rules changes, return to the previous rules, or try something different. We encourage players to share their feedback on the MUME discord and other MUME spaces such as Elvenrunes. The MUME discord is also a great place to look for groupmates.