Re: News from Mirkwood

Date:Mon Jun 3 00:39:28 2024
Whispers echo through the fair Vale of Anduin, murmurs of a shadow, sinister and foreboding, stalking the northern realms and lurking within the shadows of Mirkwood's depths. Few have dared to encounter it and fewer still have returned, their hearts gripped by dread, seeking solace within the safety of their homes, venturing not into the night unaccompanied.

Rumors speak of those who claim to have glimpsed this shadowy presence, its form clasping a relic of Númenor. These bold few, who braved the encroaching gloom, recount tales of the shadow's purpose: to subdue the guardians of the Woodland Realm and the Anduin Vale.

Among those who dwell in darkness, rumors speak of Azra-Zaira, a renowned seer of the Black Númenóreans, who holds visions of the encroaching darkness in the Northern Anduin Vale. It is said that she alone perceives the true purpose of the shadowy figure and the relic it covets, serving the dark designs of the Necromancer of Dol Guldur.

OOC: Many thanks to Ciltor and Veladan who helped design this new quest.