Recent changes (Names, Maia, Achievements, Rangers, Unqalómë)

Date:Sun Jun 23 19:29:03 2024
  • The Beorning and Troll name generators have been improved. See help suggest name for more details.
  • As of next reboot, Maia Builders and those ranked below them will only be able to interact with other gods for the first 30 minutes of their session. This change aims to reduce spying and prevent death-related flaming.
  • A few more smobs, notably Treebeard, Beorn, Bill, Bert, and Tom now provide achievements for killing them.
  • Some hardened rangers have been spotted patrolling the Shire.
  • The elven bracelets found near Unqalómë are now desired by the Necromancer as he tries to expand his dark clouds from Dol Guldur.