FIRE: MUME Project

Date:Thu Dec 11 01:18:29 1997
1. What is MUME?

MUME (Multi Users in Middle Earth) is the mud currently at

2. Project goal

The MUME Project is a project within FIRE (see the FIRE charter) that
will run MUME on a machine provided by FIRE. MUME will be up 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week on the new server. This server will also provide
a web-site for MUME.

The MUME charter regulates the use of MUME on the machine provided by

3. MUME project adminstration

The MUME project leaders are the MUME implementors: Pier Donini
(Manwe), David Gay (Nada) Claude Indermitte (CryHavoc) and Philippe
Rochat (Eru).

MUME's machine will be managed by a system manager, initially Finn
Arne Gangstad (Ilie) . The system manager is responsible for keeping
the machine up and running.

The MUME project leaders may choose a new system manager in accord
with the FIRE president.

4. FIRE member rights

FIRE members have no special rights in MUME. No preferential treatment
will be given whatsoever.