Questionnaire Comments

Date:Tue Feb 10 19:09:38 1998
*Your* Comments. Only relevant and anonymous ones are listed. Note that some
people have answered the questionnaire before we could move on FIRE...



- Keep goin

- I think this game is excellent and would hate to see it ever end

- This questionnaire should be more flexible. Things have changed a lot in my
  way of playing in 3 years

- Best Mud where I can still enjoy Diku MUD style together with a best flavor
  of game Coding.

- This is the best mud around

- Well done!

- MUME is doing well, but you STILL have a long way to go...

- Cool survey :)

- Glad it didn't go down =)

- MUME is the best MUD in the Universe.

- Would really like it if prac resets were much more available

- My playing varies greatly up to 20 hours a week to not at all for 3-4
  months. I think the game needs some method to allow solo darkies.

- perfect

- Mume is prob the best mud on the net, but as with everything you grow apart,
  hopefully mume vii can refresh alot.

- Often when a God is required, there are none, or they are AFK or

- Keep up the great work!

- character stat generation system needs work

- I've tried several other Muds and haven't found any comparable to Mume.

- Great mud, great people...most of the times, changes are good in small
  amounts...iam kinda hesitant to huge changes. Thanks for alot of fun.

- I think new warrens is no good, it is too long to walk for trolls who wants
  to pk, & to much risk sundying, but all the rest of arda is excellent :)

- I would say this is the best KICK ASS MUD, thank you for making it!

- Well all seems to be cool ofcourse can always whine about some things

- Keep it up.

- Mume nice game to play.. but unplayable during lags

- Good game

- MUME is COOL... Keep Going...

- Only a couple of things come to mind,game is too link dependent

- MUME cannot compete with Battletech, but is the best mud around :)

- Greatest Tolkien game ever made. Uncontested.

- I am very happy with my mume expierience :)

- Sauron's darkness is just too damn lame

- Best MUD i have played.

- Open that last eregion zone! :-)

- Some of the directions among upper-management are contradictory, which have
  made activities difficult in the past. Overall good.

- I would like to see old smiting skill back.

- I use GMud as client and am very satisfied with game, though bn's could be a
  tad easier. :)

- If gonna take away 1/4 of xp when mobdie, need to remove/edit trophy system

- Lots of changes over the years, I hate the new troll changes the most!

- keep on

- I like to play mume :)

- I've played 2 other muds extesively but i left those because the imps where
  never satisfied and never listened to players, hope this mud doesnt turn that

- Fair job of compromise between tolkien and play.. some good original ideas,
  but lacks depth, rp, complexity.

- Mume is wonderful but it needs to be tweaked some..i loved the new warrens
  but it need more dark rooms so trolls and pk during day..trolls suck now..

- This is an excellent mud overall filled with challenges of all sorts

- Very nice game, you have puttet together here....)

- Keep up the good work

- Keep up the good work dudes :)

- Think work should continue on making war easier to make :)

- Moving out of switzerland is good idea

- Too many members of the management use their powers to benefit their
  personal vendetas

- Mume is THE best rp and non-rp atmosphere I've come across. I found a Mud
  I'd never want to loose.

- I'd like to thank the ppl who made this possible !!! THANK YOU :)

- Was bad to make smite worse than it was

- Keep up the good work.

- Think we could have some more info on what Mume 7 is going to be. Too many
  rumours around.

- I think poorly of limitations such as no darkies w of bree area and same
  towards maluses around bree to darkies.

- Great mud, fun. although the typical mages vs warriors is still unbalanced

- Keep up the good work

- Mume rulez!

- Ainur should take more care about what players think on some features of the
  game which are not always improvements in playability...

- Just one comment: if you want to keep mume's good reputation, live it the
  way it is and let ppl stathunt in MumeVII.

- No well i guess i would just like to say i like the game and i complain
  sometimes and other complain but it really is handled well.

- Mume is overall a good mud...needs some work in some areas

- Keep it up, create new zones, let us wage our wars :)... connect eregion &
  tbad :))). Damn good job you're doing...

- MUME is an incredible role play game.

- I play less because i now live overseas..miss it. excellent mud

- I've tested other MUDs, but this is the best. I'm also a fan of Middle

- Back in MUME IV, and for what I hear, before that, MUME rocked, best damn
  mud ever, but the general assholishness of people has increased

- Mume is a great game and I am glad it survived being evicted. I would like
  to thank you for taking time to run Mume!

- I like MUME very much, and I think that we have a management that tries to
  make it balanced

- Best mud i have ever played! This mud kicks..

- I don't play much mume anymore because teh "fun" of it has decreased since
  the last mume. I only log on my God nowadays...perhaps that will change

- This place definitely rules--has for years. The one thing that irks me is
  the requirement of whitie legend to get a Builder. I _never_ have played 

- Damn this game rules

- MUME is the only computer game to which I consistently return.

- Get rid of legend skill cap!

- Give me a zone to build

- What best in Mume? Probably his literary backgound. Please make Arda wider
  and wider.

- Gods should consult with players more before making drastic changes in the
  mud. Seems players get little say in what goes on.

- More needs to be done to disperse fighting from bend. I am however aware
  that we haven't yet seend the effects of the warrens move but i doubt it's

- There so much to be done and so few time

- Take in the new system soon. :)

- Just keep up the good work, and make 98 a good year.. I think it'll be with
  the new Fire machine

- Since mume moved I have even more lag than usual...5-10 seconds average :(

- Management is making too many unwanted changes without thinking them trough
  and it makes people pissed. Though changes are nessesary and good maybe 

- Mages are too powerful!!

- Keep on doing this fine job!

- It would be a shame for MUME to shut down due to lack of server space.

- Keep rocking!

- Wonder where this is all leading...

- I rank MUME second only to Return of the Shadow -- and I am a high imm
  there. So I guess it doesn't count. :)

- I am a bit concerned about the new Troll home being such a distance away
  from any roads with our lack of mps, but I guess you guys are probably
  already aware

- Imp an real hard race to play e.g. BN shaman.

- Keep up the good work :)

- I think for the aggravation you guys do a great job. I do have a problem
  with some of "upper management" mainly [censored]. 

- Management is not really bad just inconsistent. Game design is good, tolkein
  flavor is there, nice. Bring back smite hehe

- Make it open 24 hours :)...

- Hmm, would seriously like prac resets to be much more available

- The mechanics are neither good nor bad they just need work

- I just wish it was possible to play mume from home without getting huge
  phone bills

- When do we get some penguins in this game?

- Trophy system could be improved, and when you die, you should not lose as
  much xp as you do. Troll sundeath is unfair.

- Make better dying msg...:)

- The only real suggestion I have is that MUME management try to be more
  forthcoming with information regarding future changes.

- I have really enjoyed playing mume but would like to see the stat system

- Keep up the good work!

- I used to play MUME much more before

- Mume used to keep all features logical...lately that policy has been changed
  and alot of illogical features have been added like wizbarrier and malus

- Great mud

- The sooner mume 7 is in the better, spell casting warriors and dueling mages
  just sucks.

- Any comments will probably be ignored, so why bother?

- Good job.

- Please hurry up with mume 7 *smile*

- Very happy to know the mud is open 24hours a day. will make life alot

- Just the lag problem that bugs me, everything else is 2 thumbs up

- Ive played MUME for almost 5 years now, the thing I enjoy most is probably
  doing mobs and runnign around solo trying to figure out how to solo things..

- The Best MUD I've Ever Seen!

- I like mume :))

- There has to be a way to reduce importance of linkspeed in game play. It
  stinks that people with superlinks have such huge advantages.

- Very unhappy with my US link. Unhappy with ford fights and wizkills. Lately
  with new backstab system too

- Best mud ever

- Needs to be open 24 7. need to create more challanging stuff to kill other
  then by darkie areas. if you dont feel like pk then you cant kill anything

- At the moment, the Best mud. But have seen better, in costruction only.

- Spell system boring, good balance in the game, too much mobility of chars

- Although i consider mume to be the best around, i still find it boring,
  which is why in recent months i have begun to play it less and less

- Very good mud indeed, keep up the good work

- Was much more fun in the old days when darkies were at OOC

- Keep it up

- Ya guys/gals are doing a great job..i hope it stays the same

- I Love MUME!

- There is a lack of bug-fixing in the Management coders!

- lag lag lag lag

- More quests will be nice. Spell 'levitate' no tracks, as swim can be
  interesant. Mume can be open to 11:00 pm GMT yes, impossible now, but...

- All large orgs have baeueauracracy, but mmany feel mume is usaverse to new

- Great game, best around :)

- Best mud around, keep the good work going!

- I hope enough money is raised for fire


- Whoever coded this stuff should be shot but reimplement it first!

- Return smite to hit as often as slash and crush, otherwise keep up the good

- Nice place to relax for couple of hours in a week.

- Since left school, I lost contact and teherefore ability to survive, nah
  this is such a deal of employed man... I think you are doing very well

- Lag game balance ruins pk, *shrug*, i still have fun

- Keep up the good work!

- I think trolls should be able to climb.

- An effort to reduce effects of different link speeds in the game would be

- Trolls are fine with barehanded, orc warriors sucks when solo, because of
  smite... Anyway kinda ok.

- Ah, you know some people smoke, not me, but I play MUME.

- MUME is the best MUD around, it could still be better, and it IS getting
  better and better!

- Very good MUD, especially as I am a great J.R.R Tolkien fan. :)

- can't wait til mume 7 *wink*

- I enjoy the game immensely.. A great escape from work and everyday stress!

- You're doing good work, just try to listen to reasonable player suggestions

- *KISS*

- Enjoying myself and knocking up a hell of a phone bill :)

- Very nice mud, hope it still will be around.....

- I really enjoy this game. Sometimes the language and temperment of players
  could improve...but then again they haven't learned what role playing is.

- 24h shops would be nerve savers...

- I have played here for a few years and i think that Mume was at its best
  before some of the more rescent changes like moving orc caves

- Hopefully stat requirements - ie what does wil do etc - will be better
  documented for new mume

- Please remove sucky dt:s on mume I really hate em and they are kinda not
  muddish at all ... :(

- I Looooove Mume!!!!

- I would like to pay a visit to Sauron within a couple years: aka expand

- I like mume!!!!

- Well, seems I die a lot linkless. Other than that I like it a lot

- Please consider the trolls a bit more!

- Launch mume VII. i wanna choose stats

- Mume grows faster than it is built larger

- This mud is difficult. 

- I quite enjoy the MUME and my only complaints would be that is not big
  enough *grin*. It would be great to go more places in the Tolkien world.
- Backstab does too much damage to metal wearers; we too dumb to cover our
  backs with armour, or what? :)

- Great Game!

- A great game, but it often seems the first things fixed are the last things
  that needed it.

- Nice questionare.. 

- Could be orcish caves bigger?

- Mume is lifestyle not mines, but some of my friends:()

- Too much emphasis on pk

- Good game, fleshing out the zones make more, fill in the gaps would really
  help things. It'd improve the feel of the game.

- Would like to feel that I have bigger influence on mume's developmnent

- Compared to all the other MUDs ive checked out and there are many), by far
  the best one.