MUME Rules

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  1. Character separation:

    The basic rule here, is that character knowledge separation must exist. You are not allowed to use the knowledge gained with one character with another character, regardless if they are same race or not. Since this is impossible to demand in some cases (if you know a zone, you know a zone, for example), we usually limit the "knowledge" definition to things like knowing where players are, where dropped objects are, where corpses are, what players are playing etc. — dynamic knowledge.

    To help enforce this, we have some rules regarding how long you have to wait before switching characters. These rules are automatically enforced by the login code. Note that adhering to the following rules doesn't exclude you from the above mentioned basic rule of character separation.

  2. Trading equipment between characters:

    Note that helping one of your characters obtain EQ with the help of another, even if indirectly, is illegal. E.g., using MyWarrior to buffer wightlord, so Joe the Groupmember can loot the grey cloak and pass it on to MyMage (or keeping the grey cloak so he can give his old grey cloak to MyMage). This naturally applies to equipment obtained by PK as well.

  3. Lastly, while keeping your characters separate you should also take care not to break the character separation of others such as narrating or in any other way publicising other people's characters.

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