In the Halls of Mandos, the pray command is used to transport yourself to one of the main towns and cities of Middle Earth. The locations to which you may choose to pray are dictated by your race and citizenships. The first time you pray, or if you have no citizenships for any other reason, you may pray only to the hometowns for your race, and will be made a citizen of that place, unless you are wanted there:

Elves, Half-elves Grey Havens, Lòrien
Men Fornost, Tharbad
Dwarves Blue Mountains
Hobbits Shire (Hobbiton)

Everyone can pray to Bree and the Tower Hills, while only citizens may pray to Rivendell, only evil humans may pray to Tharbad; and various other restrictions also apply.

Note that "praying to a city" ONLY works in the Halls of Mandos, not elsewhere!

The other function of the "Pray" command is to send a message to all immortals that are logged on. This is thus a rather powerful command and you should not use it unless the issue is important and only immortals can solve it. For instance, if you can ask a visible immortal via tell and get the necessary response, this is considered far better than simply praying.

By the same reasoning, immortals should not use pray as a replacement for tell.

The policy for prayers are that the mortal should indicate what the problem is in his prayer:

Good prays:

  • can I have a newbie kit?
  • my strength suddenly decreased from 17 to 1, what's up?
  • Morgul blade disappeared, but it was Sauron's darkness
  • Fornost warrior guild isn't working

Bad prays:

  • I need to speak with a V+ please?
  • Can I speak to a god?
  • I have a problem
  • Can someone help me?

The point again: the pray should include enough information to say what the problem is, NOT what person you'd like to talk to.


> pray Harry won't open the gate for me, even if I am citizen

See also: Narrate, Sing