As with our own world, man is the most varied of the races. While one may be kind and gentle, another may be vicious and evil. Man is the 'standard' race, and are competent at most professions.

Men are one of the youngest races to have awakened on Arda. They are one of the most widespread races, having left their birthplace of Hildórien and traveled westward following the sun. In the ages since their awakening, men have built fortresses to guard against evil ranging from the northern wastes to the gates of Mordor as well as populated areas as far as the Lonely Mountain.

Men are divided into a number of subraces, the most notable of those being Beornings and Black Númenóreans. More commonly seen, though, are the Eriadoran, Dúnedain, and Rohirrim.

Men in Mume

Men within Mume are the only race with with the ability to excel in any class. As in Tolkien, they are one of the most common races. Men within Mume have some perks that other races don't have:

  • Their moves regenerate at a quicker rate
  • They have average stats
  • They are able to travel in in all terrain without any difficulties

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