The origin of hobbits is uncertain, though it's known that they existed long before coming to their current main home in the Shire. Hobbits are a small folk, being about half the size of a man. They fear other races, treating them with superstition. However, they are a very-strong willed people, who when forced to fight can do so with vigour. It's recorded how the Shire Hobbits managed to defend their home from an Orcish attack many years ago. There are only two known places where Hobbits are known to live, those being the original settlement of Bree, and the Shire. They are known as Halflings by the Humans, and the Periannath by the Elves.

Hobbits in Mume

Hobbits within Mume are in most respect identical to Tolkien's descriptions. They are, for obvious reasons, found in places other than the Shire and Bree. With their quick reflexes and light bodies, they make ideal thieves. This was grasped by Thorin II and his party when they took to finding a Hobbit to reclaim their lost home. They gain certain advantages to other races when barefoot, but suffer penalties when riding large mounts.

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