Elves are the first people of Middle-Earth, created by Eru Ilúvatar. They are beautiful and strong, and immortal. Lúthien alone was the only Elf to have chosen to die from grief and to have left the world, back in the first terrible days of Arda. There are now but four enclaves of Elves left in Middle-Earth: the kingdom of Thranduil in Northern Mirkwood; the Last Homely House of Elrond in Rivendell; Lothlórien, ruled by Lady Galadriel - the most powerful Elf remaining in Middle-Earth; and the Grey Havens of Círdan to the West of the Shire.

Elves usually appear to be both carefree and merry, yet sad and thoughtful. They enjoy song and poetry, their songs lightening the heart of many in grief. As the third age progresses, many Elves have now left Middle-Earth, returning to their true home in Valinor, no longer concerned with the troubles of their former home.

Elves in Mume

Within MUME, Elves are more free to do as they please. They can be found in any part of the continent, from the Grey Havens to the Misty Mountains and beyond. Although all MUME races are immortal in a sense, Elves have the additional benefit of being immune to disease. Although not as strong as some other races, they are quick thinkers and therefore make good magic users.

Elves in MUME have some unique abilities:

  • They are immune to disease
  • They can walk on snow
  • Their mana regenerates at a quicker rate
  • They age very slowly

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