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The Edain (S. "Men", sing. Adan, Q. Atani, sing. Atan) are the second of Eru's children. The word originally meant all Men, but is today only used for the Men of the three Elf-friendly houses (Bëor's, Halad's and Marach's).

Men were created similar to Elves with one major difference — the gift of mortality. Living only up to around one hundred years, their lives pass in the blink of an Elven eye.

There have been Human heroes of old, most famous of all, Beren son of Barahir. He was to fall in love with the beautiful Elven lady, Lúthien, and he died in tragedy, robbing Lúthien's will to live. Born of them was Dior, and of him Elwing who would be the wife of Eärendil, the mariner. It was Eärendil the Half Elf who alone sailed west to Valinor to beg mercy of the Valar for the betrayal of the Elves and Men. His sons were Elros, the first king of Númenor, and Elrond. They were given the choice of race, Elros choosing mortal Man, Elrond chose Elf.

Elrond still lives in Middle-earth today, in the beautiful Rivendell. Elros died many millenia ago, but of him came a long line of heroes, including Elendil and Aragorn. (The Dúnedain)

Today, there are Men on both sides of the War, many near the Realm of Mordor are in league with Sauron.

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