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Noldorin Elf, First Son of Feanor and probably the greatest elf to last the First Age. He was one of the principle swearers of the Oath of Feanor and he was the Noldo most affected by the ensuing curse, excepting his father. He had but one hand, after being captured by Morgoth and subsequently rescued by Fingon. Learning to fight again left-handed, he became even more deadly.

He was a strong warrior in spite of one hand and a patient and wise ruler. It was the Union of Maedhros which tried to assault Angband. However, after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, the oath he took possessed him. He then participated in the sacks of Doriath and the Havens of Sirion. Later after the Great Battle, Maedhros and Maglor stole the two remaining Silmarils. The lack of morality robbed him of the right to possess the jewel and it burnt his hand. Knowing what had become of him he threw himself and the jewel into a fiery chasm, passing into the west.

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