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The Blue Mountains were ruined during the War of Wrath at the end of the First Age, and in the south central end of the range the sea broke through. The River Lhûn now flowed through the mountains to the Gulf of Lune.

By the Third Age, Dwarves dwelt in the east side of the Blue Mountains, especially in the parts south of the Gulf of Lhûn. It also became the new home for many of Durin's Folk who were exiled from their halls in Erebor by Smaug the Dragon who had driven them out.

MUME's Blue Mountains

This is the racial home for dwarves in MUME. It is found at the northwestern corner of the mapped world. Dwarves are good, but private and secretive people; it will be rare to see people of other races there. These caves, ruled by King Thorin II, are almost entirely underground.

Outside the caves is a mountainous landscape, which becomes wilder as one travels toward the east. Fortunately dwarves are fierce fighters!


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