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Libraries can be found in most towns of Arda and in some other places of lore.

To read a book in a library, go to a library and try look books. If you get a list of books then you may read their contents. For instance in Fornost, the current list reads:

  > l books

Since the rebuilding of Fornost, the Librarian in charge has done her best to gather books from near and far to resupply the once splendid library. Some of those obtained are:

    'MUME Combat'
        by Radorac II (TA 2853)
    'An Introduction to MUME Combat'
        by Petrel
     'Of the Fall of the Northern Kingdom of Arnor and the Successor States'
        by Quenaire of Imladris
To read a book, you need to either read <title> or view <title>, where <title> is given above in quotes. You need specify only the initial part of the title which makes it unique in the library; e.g.,

  read m   [reads the 1st Book 'MUME Combat', not case sensitive]
  read a   [reads the 2nd Book 'An Introduction...' etc.]
If there's more than one book beginning with the same word, you need to specify some entire words; e.g.,

  read the stones   [and not 'read the st']

Certain books are divided into chapters: for these book, you can:

  read <title> all         - Read the entire book
  read <title> contents    - Read the book's introduction and index
  read <title> chapter <N> - Only read chapter <N>; e.g., read t chapter 5
Note that books are written in a script based on the language used by the author, so a book written by a man will probably be in Westron, while one writen by an elf would be Sindarin or Quenya. If you have less than 100% skill in that language, you will only be able to decipher some of the text.

If you want to add a book of yours to a library, please contact Vala in order to receive writing guidelines.

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